About me

  • I have been interested in fetishes from an early age. tell me your strangest fantasy and I will try to help with its implementation. for some donations I can grow or shave off my hair. any idea that is not in my interests has a price. write in private and we will agree.
  • Turn on: This is not a complete list, just what interested in from those found on the Internet: Aquaphilia, Autagonistophilia, Chrematistophili, Crush fetish, Dacryphilia, Eproctophilia, Forniphilia, Microphilia, Narratophilia, Nasophilia, Stigmatophilia, Zoomytop
  • Breast size: normal
  • Hair lenght: shoulder length
  • Hair color:
  • Eye color: brown
  • Age: 18
  • Category: girl
  • Languages: english,german,french,italian,spanish
  • Price: € 2.49
  • Rating: 4

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